October 1, 2009

Furniture Makeover

DIY is hosting a furniture makeover celebration and I thought this would be the perfect time to share my craft table makeover! First off, a little history lesson on this table...it has been in my family forever! It was one of my PARENT'S wedding gifts and it was my family's dinner table for as long as I can remember. My parents generously passed it along to my care when I graduated college and moved to Atlanta. Below is the picture of the table taken in my very first apartment of my own!
Now, I must admit, in looking at this picture, I crack up to myself how 3 things in that picture are still around in my house, but have a TOTALLY different look than shown in that picture! Ha ha! The stools seen in that picture now look like this. The picture collage seen in that picture now looks like this. The cat sitting on the table (OK, I didn't change, paint or redesign her, but I wanted to share!) now looks like this. And finally, the table looks like the below. At least I know I get good use out of my furniture! Just because it may not be my style initially, that is what paint, fabric and a creative mind can do for you!
Now, not much was done for this transformation, but it is amazing how a little bit of paint can really make a difference. As you will see, my before table picture makes the style of the table seem a bit country, and after sanding, painting and adding seat cushions the style has been updated/modernized a bit. I just didn't have the heart to throw this beautiful piece of furniture out. It is hard to find solid wood pieces these daysd, and this table has a lot of childhood memories woven into the wood grain, so I had to keep it! Even though it isn't our current dining table, it still gets plenty of use...actually MORE use than our dining table because it is my craft table!


Anonymous said...

Kim, I love your website and your great project ideas!! We are in the middle of a remodel in our kitchen and have learned so much from the DIY network and other great shows and Websites (including yours) You are right a little bit of paint and creativity goes a long way and makes a big change!! I hope you are doing well. I miss talking to you everyday! From Lindy Southivong

Lacy said...

Kim, this craft table looks amazing! People would never ever be able to tell it was an old "hand-me-down" because the way you redid it looks so brand new!!! And I love it too the way you have showcased the new and improved versions of the things in that original picture! TOO cool!!!

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Ah, the magic of paint! Looks great!


The DIY Show Off said...

It looks beautiful! You did a fantastic job! I just love the way paint transforms something "tired" into something gorgeous!

Thanks for adding your beautiful project to the Show & Tell party!


Room to Inspire said...

Amazing what a little paint can do! It looks great and I agree, if you have something that might not be your exact style, you can make it yours.


gina said...

paint is a modern day miracle worker! I followed all the links and it's funny how those three things transitioned into the 2000's so nicely with a little help from you. :)

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