September 15, 2009

I need cat nip

So, I have been MIA for the past week or so, and I was off to such a good start with this blog! I apologize for the few viewers/readers I did collect...I hope you didn't scamper off and forget about me! September, the start of an awesome fall month and season, has not been off to a very good start for me at all! Not to bore you with my life's adventures, or misadventures I should say, I will briefly sum up the past two weeks and move along to my post!

This September I have...managed to fall down the stairs of our 2 story house, incurring an eversion ankle sprain thus creating a limp and new nickname 'hobbles' for the time being. We have also managed to blow out our tire while traveling to a Clemson game and to top it all off my husband just recently had an emergency appendectomy...all of this in 2 week's time! On a more positive note, I am very thankful we are both fine and I just continue to pray that God will turn our luck around...I know something uplifting is coming our way, so I keep my chin up.

Now, in the midst of this chaos, I haven't had time to update my blog at all! I really wanted to participate in the iheartfaces challenge this week for submitting pet photos because I am proud to say I have a ton of pet photos! Even though the challenge is already closed for the week and I am late in posting this, I still wanted to submit what I was intending to submit. Below is a photo of my precious and first fur baby: Puff Chasity. She is a 5 year old Maine Coone rescued from the streets of Clemson, SC. Isn't she just precious? Not to be biased, but I really think she is such a photogenic cat. She actually won a calendar contents in Atlanta a few years ago.

Below is my pet photo contribution. It was so hard to choose just 1 image, but I chose this one because she had just finished playing with cat nip and had a boost of energy that was so entertaining to watch (and photograph). With days like these, I feel I need some cat nip to give me some sort of boost as well!


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