August 20, 2009

Clean, Reusable Calendar

What do you get when you take an old college dry-erase board calendar and combine it with an old large collage frame? Well, see for yourself...
You get a very clean, reusable calendar, perfect for any office setting!

After moving to the beach and unpacking my old boxes, I came across my dry-erase calendar board and my old college collage board. Instead of updating ALL the pictures in the collage, I decided to use this collage and frame to create a nicer looking dry-erase calendar that matched the look and feel of the office better. I simply took apart the old dry-erase calendar, just taking the thin calendar portion (if you have one similar to me, it is just a vinyl calendar piece laid on top of a card board piece, framed with a cheap plastic). Next, take out the photos from the collage, leaving only a few openings to be next to your calendar. Now you can just place and secure the calendar on top of the collage matting. Finally, take your dry-erase pen and secure it to the outside of the frame with some Velcro adhesive. Voila! You now have a more aesthetically pleasing calendar for your office! The dry-erase marker should be able to be erased on both plastic and glass. I usually clean my calendar monthly with some nail polish like a charm!

Remember, most 'junk' can be turned into something amazing! Just clear your mind a bit, dust off the old cobwebs on your 'junk' and put it to good use!


Lacy said...

I love this idea!! What a great way to reuse a few old things, and save money on buying calendars!! And folks it looks even better IN PERSON!!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Hey Kim! I love this! Look at you Miss Crafty Pants. What a great job -

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