October 6, 2009

Fabulous Fall Cards

Now that it is most definitely, officially October, I feel safe posting some pictures of the adorable cards made in the monthly card class. The cards we made this time around were Halloween inspired and are just so precious! I have tried to get Monica, my friend who leads the class to create a blog and post her awesome card creations, but she refuses...so I will just post for her! Below are the ones made in class and I can't wait to address and send these out! They were all so easy to make! My favorite is the candy holder, which was a bonus in the class. Seriously to make this, you just create a cylinder of paper and pinch the ends--done! So simple and so cute! Enjoy these fabulous fall cards.


Monica said...

There is no need for me to creat a blog... You post my cards and give me credit too... perfect!!

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