October 14, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

My husband and I are regular Craig's List shoppers! You can seriously find some GREAT deals--some things just need a little TLC and you just have to have patience with searching and finding the deals.

Our latest guilt-free Craig's List purchase is...a hot tub! Yes, I know, a hot tub?! This person was wanting to get rid of a perfectly working, 6 person tub...only requirements were we would have to remove it from his deck and the framework needed some finishing work on it, but all in all, great condition!

Well, if you know anything about a CL purchase-you have to act fast on the deals! This makes for a somewhat impulsive buy (because let's face it...a hot tub was NOT on our list of things we need at the moment or on our never ending project list), but again, we couldn't pass up the price so we shamelessly made the purchase!

This hot tub, bought in March 2010 has been an ongoing project and quite the learning experience---a lot of firsts on our end! First, we had to find a spot for the tub. This meant we had to transplant some plants (a first!) and pour a level concrete slab for the tub to sit on (another first!).


Preparing the Grounds
We then got 6 friends to help pull the tub out of the previous owner's deck and place in our designated tub spot. The following months consisted of redoing the side boards, wiring the hot tub to 2 breakers (a big FIRST!), learning about hot tub care and chemicals (another first) and ensuring it works correctly (luckily it does!!).

Transporting Hot Tub


We are so happy this 6 month project is completed, and just in the nick of time for the upcoming Fall/Winter weather!! :)


Only downfall, is I will have to wait until after February to enjoy the hot tub, because in the midst of this project we found out we are expecting our first!! A little girl--which means one thing...more projects in the mix!!


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