October 21, 2010

Garage Fit for a King!

A garage is the man's layer right? Well trust me, my husband jumped on the opportunity to make his space the perfect getaway complete with all things MAN: TV, Tunes, Dart board, Tools, Sports Equipment and Outdoor Gear. And he didn't just organize his garage, he made it a place that I actually enjoy sitting in and hanging out! Forget the tool gas fumes, this garage is where it's at!

When we first moved into our house 2 years ago, nothing was finished in the garage. After I got a good grounding on some of the house projects, JD jumped in and started to focus on his beloved garage....again a project that consisted of a lot of learning and firsts (that is what first homes are for right?!).

Garage 2008
He started with insulation and putting up drywall in the garage. Wow, what a difference that makes!

Drywall Up

He then purchased a kit (on sale, of course!) for finishing the garage floor. This is my favorite part--I think EVERY garage should have floors like this! I can actually walk barefoot and not worry about black bottomed feet!

Then it was time to organize--this consisted of hanging shelves, arranging tools and building a cabinet to organize garage items and also provide a nice surface for projects. The cabinet/work area is such a great way to hide the garage clutter-but this cabinet doesn't just serve as a storage provider...it is also our personal, home made, regulation size... SHUFFLEBOARD TABLE (another post for this).

Mural (for fun)
Work Bench/Cabinet Storage/Shuffleboard Table
With all these fun things in the garage---why even go inside?!


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