March 7, 2010

I heart color!

Anyone ever watch HGTV's color splash (or any home improvement show for that matter)? I love those shows, especially the before and afters! A lot of times I just DVR them and see the before at the beginning and fast forward to the end to view the afters! What an amazing transformation simply changing up the color can do for a home!

Well, this weekend was an 'off weekend' from traveling to see family and friends so my husband and I decided to tackle the daunting task of repainting our living room and hallways! We have lived in our house since 2008 and have always joked the paint color was 'starter home white'---you know what I'm talking about? It's the contractor white they put down to cover the dry wall? Anyway, with a free weekend upon us a change was needed--plus we had NO touch up paint for all the scratches and holes we have created in the 2 years here.

So knowing we were painting this weekend, during the week it was time to settle on colors. I had no idea how difficult that would be! I knew I wanted a tan and/or chocolate, but the choices were so overwhelming and all the colors looked so much better in the store than at home because of the different lighting and surroundings! By Friday we literally had 12 splotch samples on the living room walls as well as paint chips taped to the wall. I felt I was as picky as Goldilocks (but with paint): Some were too pink, some were too green...none quite right! Needless to say, by Saturday it was crunch time-time to pick and just roll with it! So we did...

And I LOVE the colors we chose! Our free weekend turned into 8 hours of painting labor requiring me and my husband to climb a 12 foot ladder placed on the stairs and use a 4 foot extender pole for painting the stairwell--WHEW! That was so interesting to say the least!

Below are the before and afters of what was done this weekend. I am happy to now cross this off my project list! Next molding and mosaic tile for the fireplace! Can't wait!

Hallway Before: 2008
Hallway After: 2010

Hallway Before: 2008
Hallway After: 2010

Living Room Before: 2008
(picture when touring
house before moving in)
Living Room Before: 2008/2009Living Room After: 2010Living Room After: 2010

Painting the stairwell: 2010
(what an adventure THAT was!)
Completed stairwell: 2010
(just to show you how
high that was!)


jen @ the inspiration studio said...

I love the change! I am always so amazed at what a little color change can do to a room! I love the colors you picked out too. Looks great!

Mewes Mountain Arts said...

Looks great!!

I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Check it out:

Nice work!!

Olivae said...

Hi! I found your blog while searching for techniques for painting stairwells. Do you have any tips? It looks like you had quite the project to tackle! Our ceilings aren't quite as high, but they will still pose a challenge!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

That looks much better! Love the brown!!!

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