October 27, 2010

DIY Shuffleboard Table

Yes, we are probably in a small percentage of people to claim we have a personal shuffleboard table, and even a smaller percentage to claim it is combined with our garage cabinets!

At first glance, a work bench/cabinet
Why shuffleboard? When JD and I were in college, and more so when I would visit him while he finished (I graduated 2 years before him), we LOVED going to the Clemson bars and playing the free shuffleboard games! It quickly turned into betting terms---winner gets Brewster's Desserts, winner gets free dinner...etc. Can't complain (when you win!).

To bring home a piece of our past (and provide great entertainment for guests), JD built his cabinet/work bench that opens up to a regulation size shuffleboard table! After thorough research on how to create a shuffleboard table, we went with the economic option and got hard wood planks from Habitat for Humanity and made this the shuffleboard deck. Then with spare metal, created a system so you can continually level out these planks in the future through the use of screws. Finally, for an added embellishment and personalized look, we took a wood burner and etched a Clemson paw in the center of the table---always reminding us of the history of shuffleboard to us. To top it all off, we created a stellar smooth surface by using a VERY thick epoxy glaze coating (this was quite the adventure in applying and definitely took two of us!).

Take a closer look...
A shuffleboard table!
Wood burned Clemson paw in the table center
Looking down the table
Now, our games and bets continue and the shuffleboard table is quite the conversation starter! To keep track of our winnings we even mark on the table the final score and betting terms!


The Trouts said...

That's so creative! It looks amazing and I love that you were able to incorporate a fun date activity into your home life. Way fun!

The DIY Show Off said...

Kim! That is soooo cool! Love it! What fun!



Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I have always wanted my own shuffleboard table. You have inspired me to do something similar, its time for me to get my own table and get playing!

shuffleboardtable said...

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Unknown said...

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