September 18, 2009

Moving Reminders...only a year late!

I'm actually able to have a really relaxing weekend! The forecast is calling for rain, and for once I am looking forward to being forced to stay inside and accomplish some things around the house. As I was cleaning tonight and organizing some boxes from moving in a year ago (still!), I was reminded of my adorable moving reminders I had EVERY intention of printing and mailing out to family and friends!

I never realized this until now, but there is a common theme in my designing...I like polka dots and the color blue! Ha ha! Even a little over a year ago when I designed these, I see my design trademark of the color palette and simple, yet adorable dots. Now, my husband and I have no intention of moving in the future because we love it here, so since I never got to send these out then...I will just share with you what was designed and intended for mailing so you can enjoy it! Of course, I have blurred out the important information, but you get the picture!


Lacy said...

These are so cute!! I am glad I got to see this! Even though, you won't be moving anytime soon...maybe I could get you to design one for us when we move in 2011!! :)

Mod Podge Amy said...

Polka dots and the color blue. . . hey, me too!

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