September 19, 2009

Reunion + Baby Shower = F-U-N!

I have been meaning to blog about this sooner, but (a) I have been way too busy and (b) my camera broke, so I was waiting for my friends to Pando me the pictures so I could have something visually exciting to show on the blog!

Two weeks ago my old college roommates and I met up in Clemson for our annual post-college reunion AND for the first time to have a baby shower! My how time is flying that we are already planning baby showers! I feel we JUST graduated college and got married...

In any case, the weekend was filled with a lot of orange for Clemson and blue for Lacy's soon to be baby boy! After meeting up in Greenville Friday night and attending a winning Clemson game Saturday, we headed to Lacy's first baby shower! I, with the help of Ashley and Stacey, again made another diaper cake...except this time I got white only diapers and it made a huge difference!

Stacey had the adorable idea of the cake topper being flowers and socks--she turned the baby socks into miniature flower buds as the diaper cake topper! It was so adorable!

As another decoration idea, I thought it would be cute to drape baby boy clothes along a clothesline where the shower was being hosted. To save money, I got some adorable and precious baby boy clothes second hand. Since I didn't really want to wrap the clothes as a gift for Lacy, we used it as decoration and then she got to keep them as well. It was definitely a big hit...I mean who doesn't think baby clothes are adorable?!

Finally, one of my favorite parts about the shower was the adorable watermelon crafted to be Noah's ark! It was a perfectly functional decorating piece that was not only cute, but was also the 'bowl' for the fruit! Seriously, so precious!

All in all, the weekend was a hit. Friends, Food and Fun...can't complain!


Lacy said...

The cake was SOOO gorgeous, and the clothes line clothes were the PERFECT gift, given with such a cute presentation!!!! I had a wonderful weekend, so much in part to a wonderfully creative friend: YOU! I ♥ U!!!

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