September 25, 2009

frugal & fantastic do go together!

So, I'm sitting here in the midst of 3 craft projects started, but no way to take pictures of them because my husband has our camera! He has been in Texas for a week now and boy do I miss him and I'm SO glad he is coming home in a few days! It is amazing we went 2 years long distance when I use to live in Atlanta...that just seems like another life time ago and my how fast you get use to a new routine! I do find I get a lot more crafts completed, however! Ha, I guess I just find more time to do them when he is out.

In any case, while missing him I was flipping through our old photos and came across one of the most special days in my life...our wedding. I could look at those pictures over and over again and just relive each moment! While getting all sappy and caught up in the wedding memories, I decided I could write a post about some of the wonderful things created to help save cost and still maintain a fabulous wedding!

I am not sure about you, but I had a long engagement...1 year and 3 months (to me that is long), which gave me plenty of time to prepare, plan and create our wedding just as dreamed. I also thoroughly enjoyed each piece I made for our wedding because I still have those pieces today to cherish the work and love put behind creating them. I have even begun to reuse some of the pieces as decoration, as I described in my Alternate Headboard post.

Anyway, I could go on and on about our wedding and continue to bask in that beautiful day, but instead, I'll let the pictures do the talking and you can see for yourself how being frugal and fantastic do go together!

Wedding Program Fans
(since our wedding was outside, in the
south, in June...these were a must!)

Wedding Wish Bowl
(made by a friend to borrow for
guests to drop in wishes for us)

Wedding Flowers (fake flowers)
(a fraction of the cost of real flowers,
and you get to keep them!)
Wedding Kissing Ball (fake flowers)
(placed on the chairs lining
the aisle for extra decor
Wedding Cake Topper
(monogrammed topper is just wood cut
out in the font I used throughout wedding,
painted white and swarovski look-alike
crystals glued to the top
Wedding Favors
(sugar cookies with homemade labels)
Wedding Bubbles
(placed in a cute basket made by a friend
with ribbon and decor)


Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

Those bouquets don't look like they are made from fake flowers. My friend used fake pink hydrangeas for her wedding and yep! I still have mine. :)

Anonymous said...

Kim your wedding looks like it was beautiful.
Those program fans are darling. And I love the fact that you are reusing some of the items.

Nadir @ Hodgepodge said...

Hey there, thanks for the kind comment you left on my wreath post. Your bouquets are just lovely, I'm getting married in early December myself & have TONS of projects lined up within these next few weeks. Hope you stop by my blog again to check them out. Nice meeting you, take care.

Nancy Ruffin said...

Where were you when I planned my wedding??
I love the blog, too cute!

kerianne. said...

Those are some cute ideas! I love the fan programs. I'm helping plan my friend's wedding which is approaching fast and here in charleston, it's definitely still hot outside so that may be a cute idea. Too bad she already put down deposits on flowers also because your fake flowers look awesome..who would've thunk it?

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so cute! Where did you go for your tuxedo rental? I always struggled getting the groomsman fit and ready in time for our family weddings!

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