September 24, 2009

From Shab to Fab!

Recently I have gotten big into coupon clipping. You would be amazed how much money you can actually save with taking a bit of time to cut and save the coupons! You do, however, have to be really organized in the way you store your coupons. Different things work for different people. Currently, I am making a coupon book with separate tabs to organize all of them (I'll be sure to share in another post)...but until I complete this I decided to turn my old bulletin board into a clever way to hold a few notes/coupons.

This bulletin board is placed on the inside door of our pantry and as you can see from the first image, was do you say...blah! It needed some pizazz (ha!). I also kept losing the little push pins or I would over load the push pins with too many pieces of paper and it would constantly fall, so needless to say, it was time to remodel the coupon system! Taking some paint, ribbon and clothing clips I was able to transform this shab bulletin board into a fab and more organized (and cuter!) note/coupon holder.

If you aren't into coupons, this could easily hold recipes, important phone numbers, calendar or anything else usually found stuck in the kitchen/refrigerator. By tucking this away in the pantry, it makes for a more organized home and a central place for everyone to place important items. Embellishing the old bulletin board was super easy and added a nice touch of color and structure to the cluttered paper!


Lacy said...

Super cute Kim!! Another creative idea that turns ordinary into extraordinary!!! :)

jen @ the inspiration studio said...

Hey there! I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours! (I'm the girl with the purple bathroom!) You have such great ideas on here, I'm going to link to it right now (I hope you don't mind)!

I have a dog too, and I have considered the idea of bell-training her, but wasn't sure if it would work. after seeing your post, I'm definitely going to try it out! Thanks for the great ideas!

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