September 21, 2009

because every picture needs some flare!

Recently my sister-in-law sent me some absolutely precious pictures of my niece (Caroline) to edit. I guess I had the movie 'Office Space' in my mind, because while editing I kept hearing a tiny voice saying I needed to add some 'flare' I did and below is how it turned out.

Looks almost like a digital scrapbook, or like I took a picture after I placed it all together by hand, but this was all done on the computer. And yes, I did blur out the last name for privacy purposes. Enjoy and show me your photo flare! I love seeing how different the creative minds work! At times I personally think photos need that extra flare...

Just a thought...a polka-dot thought!


Lacy said...

This is seriously SOOOO cute! I know who I am going to have help me design Baby Boy announcements when the time comes! Your neice is adorable! Those big eyes just melt your heart!

Infarrantly Creative said...

That is adorable, especially your niece. did you do that in photoshop?

Kim at Polka Dot Thought said...

Yes, isn't my niece adorable?! This was in fact completed in Photoshop. Thanks for the kind words.

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