August 21, 2009

Foto Friday!

It is time for 'Foto Friday', where I will display a photo I have taken the time to edit in various programs. Today's honored photo is a picture of my adorable niece, Caroline. My amazing sister-in-law and her daughter came to visit a couple weeks ago to embark on their first mini-vacation and also to celebrate Caroline's 6 month birthday. Let me first just explain, that not only is Caroline a sweet heart and such an easy baby(!), she is also a very gorgeous child! That weekend with Caroline was among many firsts for her: First long trip, first time eating bananas and first time swimming in the pool, which is the photo I have taken and edited.

Below is the before image. Aren't my sister-in-law and niece so adorable? She had the best time in the pool, was splashing with her tiny hand and laughing! It was such a precious site.
Although the original image is a very cute one without the editing, I wanted to capture Caroline's true soft beauty, which is shown below. After a bit of cropping, lighting adjustments, color changes, sharpening, surface blur and burning shifts, below is the final outcome!
Got a special photo you want featured for Foto Friday? Feel free to send them to me and they may be featured!


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