August 29, 2009

Personalized Koozie

Football season is definitely amongst us and what better thing to make than personalized koozies for all the future tailgating? If you are anything like me, you probably have a handful of freebie koozies sitting around somewhere at your house. These are the kind you pick up at events, wedding favors, tradeshows...etc. They are cute and all, but sometimes you just feel they need a little bit extra to be more personalized! Piece of cake, all you need is an old koozie, ribbon and scissors to make your koozie fabulous!

Taking the old koozie, whereever you want to weave the ribbon (I usually do it at the top), make small vertical incisions every 1 inch followed by 1/4 inch. Keep cutting in this pattern until you have come full circle. Next, just take the ribbon and weave it in and out of your cuts. After the ribbon is in place, just adjust the strands and tie a cute bow. Finally, feel free to embellish your koozie with cute iron-ons such as embroidered letters or rhinestones! This is such a simple craft and looks like it was personalized from a specialty store. It's sure to be a hit among the crowds and perfect as a simple tailgating gift for friends.


koozie said...

It is really pretty easy to make a koozie! I like the idea of making it personalized.

dancilhoney said...

I would gladly recommend this koozie to anyone that is planning a special event such as this.

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