August 29, 2009

Fix it Friday...Er Um...Sunday!

So I was a little late in contributing my 'Fix it Friday' photo for the I Heart Faces blog...but better late than never! The original photo (below) is so beautiful in itself! However, I must say editing this one was a lot of fun (especially since I had more time this time than the last one completed during my lunch break!).


In looking at this photo titled 'beauty', this little girl looked like she would be a sweet dancer. Once I envisioned her as a dancer, my creativity soared from there. While editing and imagining this little girl as a dancer, the song 'Tiny Dancer' came to mind (and is now stuck in my head). I really wanted to capture soft angles and coloring in this image when editing. I also wanted to add some creative swirls/scrolls. Hope you enjoy my attempt at editing this photo, and be sure to check out other amazing edits on the I Heart Faces blog!



Me-Mo said...

I love your edit! Beautiful softness.

Jana said...

I really like the swirls you added. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice edit, and I love the swirls too! I need to remember to use some of the embellishments I have on pictures like this... I may even go back and play some more!!

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