August 28, 2009

Foto Friday!

This week's photo features my very own Marley. He is our loving 7 month Golden Retriever. With Golden's having a natural liking to water, this photo is one of my favorites of him because it captures so much thought. This was taken back in June when we went to a friend's lake house to kick the summer months off. Everyone was playing in the water, splashing and having a great time and then there is Marley, very concerned about the water and not quite sure what to make of it. Rest assured, his natural water instincts kicked in and he finally decided to take the plunge and go swimming (now we can't keep him out of the water!).

Taking the original photo, an aged lighting filter was applied. After playing around with the curves and tones to further emphasize the shadows in this image, the photo was then softened and slightly cropped in. I feel the edited image almost looks like an old post card, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. It also reminds me of young Marley's fears and reservations when he was a puppy. Now he is a little dare devil in the water!

Got a special photo you want featured for Foto Friday? Feel free to send them to me and they may be featured!


Jay said...

I said I wouldn't comment but that is a super cool picture

Ashley said...

very cool. i never take the time to edit my pics....i need to!

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