August 19, 2009

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Make an adorable Lemonade Card! Every now and then my good friend, Monica, hosts a Stampin' Up party where she teaches us how to make some adorable homemade cards. I went to one Wednesday night and as always it was a great time of food, socializing and crafting cards.

It just amazes me how much you can actually do with stamps! A few jobs ago I use to work at a crafting company, and there one of the products produced was stamps. I never realized it at that time all the awesome things you can make with stamps! In my mind, stamps were old fashioned and used by teachers when grading papers...boy was I wrong! There is so much you can do with stamps. With the right tools you can create colorful patterns. You can even emboss or create scratch and sniff items with stamps!

Perhaps the most impressive thing to me about the Stampin' Up brand is how everything is color coordinated and matches perfectly, which I love! You can buy Stampin' Up paper, ribbon, ink, markers and much more that ALL match the same color...meaning if you use a pale blue in the paper, you can get the same pale blue ribbon to match perfectly.

One of the cards made in the class is this adorable Lemonade Card that is actually 3D. By simply cutting the paper, making a few punches, stamping the lemons, using a vellum for the cup and an actual straw, we were able to create this adorable card! It is so cute, I almost want to keep it and not send out, but of course I'll send it out so someone else can enjoy the card and special message.


Lacy said...

This card is SOOOOO cute!!! You are so talented Kim!!!

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