February 6, 2010

Cozy by the fire for 2

Let me start this post by explaining that my husband and I love the outdoors, especially outdoors during the summer months. It is primarily during the winter months we find ourselves couped up in the house or lounging around. It is just hard for me to motivate myself to go outside when it is freezing! Well, all that changed when we visited my parents a couple months back. This is when we discovered our inner pyromaniac state of minds...

On a cold 25 degree (that is cold people!) night at my parents house, we decided to head out back and check out their new fire pit. Well, let me just tell you, we checked it out and enjoyed it SO much! Warm, cozy and such a fun gathering! We enjoyed it so much so that when I came home from work a couple days later, my husband surprised me with our very own (and smaller) version of the fire pit and bench. It was adorable and according to him so easy to make! He just got a few pressure treated 2 x 6's for the bench, and then some landscaping bricks to construct the fire pit. For a little bit of time creating and only $45 we had our very own fire pit and bench--much cheaper than the kind you get in stores (and more personal since it was hand made!).

(parent's fire pit: the inspiration)
(our fire pit and bench!)
So, for those of you who are crafty or have a handy husband/boyfriend around, this is a definite must for the cold winter months!


JD said...

My favorite project by far!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I finally featured your "kick-butt" card at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com It is one of my most favorite cards I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing it with the world. I think you will get quite a few hits off of it!

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