October 22, 2009

A 'Blogover'!

Awhile ago one of my best friends, Lacy, inspired me to create her a new look and feel for her new blog. Lacy and her husband are expecting a baby boy in early January and wanted a private blog to catalog their new journey, so I immediately jumped at the opportunity to provide her a new look! After designing the header and background, I modified her blog code a bit (set up similar to my layout) and voila! I am really pleased with the way the blog came out...kind of makes me want to redesign mine and give mine a 'blogover' soon...we will see. In the mean time, check out her new 'blogover'. Since her blog is private, for now a picture will have to do. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge:


Lacy said...

Kim did SUCH a great job!! I would highly recommend her for blogovers!! She is creative, and takes your ideas and turns them into something spectacular! Thank you so much Kim!! This post is a reminder to me to start blogging a little more often!! ;)

Jessica said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! Thanks to your brother for his service! I know you and your family will be glad to have him home =)

Love the blogover! I am in need of one...

Oh and I love your kitchen and dining room makeover! Very cute!

Jen Blauvelt said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Kim :)

This blogover is so cute! Im loving the cork board detail with the polaroids. Nice job! ...Im in the process of creating a new layout for mine as well. It just takes so much time, and then Im sick of it in a month :P

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

YOu are good! That is a fantastic banner.

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