August 15, 2009

Welcome Guests!

Since this is my first official blog posting, and anyone viewing this is officially a guest, I thought the perfect topic would in fact be...guests! Even though the summer is winding down and school is about to start back up, tourists and guests are still vacating to the beach. There's a saying that goes something like "You never know how many friends you have until you live on the beach". Well, although my husband and I aren't right on the beach, we are still close enough. From friends to family, we have been fortunate enough to be able to save money and travel less this year because everyone has been traveling to see us!

I personally love being a host and showing off our town and beach. If I could greet each guest with a welcome basket, I would, but since that could get pretty pricey, I do the little things for an added touch. One such thing I do for guests is personalize a welcome card that sits in a basket in the guest room complete with towels, lotions and small reading. Below is a sample card created. Most of my guests choose to take them home as a 'souvenir'.

This is such a simple, yet special thing that friends and family eat up! I had some extra invitation stock for reply cards (from creating a friend's wedding invitations), that I am able to print on and create these little cards. Take a peak, enjoy and next time you have company, doing something simple and sweet like this is the perfect added bonus to being a great host/hostess!


Angel said...

I love that you used the card with my name on it! Yay! Wait, does that mean I left my card there? I can't believe it. I want it! haha. Love you!

Lacy said...

I can't wait to stay at your NEW house and get a cute little welcome card like this Kim! You are such a great hostess!! :)

Naseer Ahmad said...

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