August 17, 2009

Custom Shot Glass Case

Everyone has that one thing they collect, well, mine for years has been shot glasses! It never ceases to amaze me at how many people still remember that, too, but I'm glad they do! I remember when I first started collecting them, I ordered a custom case but it only held 25 shot glasses. Well, at the time 25 seemed like a lot, but it wasn't long until I quickly outgrew that case.

When packing up and moving to the beach, all my precious shot glasses were wrapped tightly and placed in a box. It wasn't until we moved into our house that I rediscovered this treasure of mine and was determined to find the appropriate home for them! I was on a mission and that meant a project was brewing...

After researching various cases and again being stunned at the costs for them, my husband and I set out to design and create our own custom shot glass case that matched our modern decor style. After drawing up the plans and buying the wood, we created the case, shown to the left.

It can hold well more than the shot glasses I have, which is to grow! We didn't make individual slots for the shot glasses, because I wanted to be able to fill the space with picture frames and other knick-knacks until I got more shot glasses. We also made the bottom and top rows taller to hold the double shot glasses. It was a blast working on this project with JD. While he did the wood work, I was in charge of painting and organizing the shot glasses. This is one of my favorite projects we have done to date because the end result was so rewarding. I now can go in the FROG and see our shot glasses being displayed proudly. I can look at each shot glass and still remember who gave me them and for what reason, so this is very special to me. Another great thing about this case was it cost...are you ready...$16.00! That is right, $16.00 for materials and then the only other cost was our time! Well worth it in my mind! Enjoy!


Lacy said...

I have another shot glass for this awesome case!! :) :) I'll give it to you when I see you in 2 weeks!

Custom Shot Glasses said...

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Personalized Ceramic Mugs said...

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